Tuesday, July 11, 2006


This is what I GOTTA KNOW....

What's the deal with fake-loss....I mean weight loss pills? How many times do we have to go through the ups and downs with our disappointments of our diet failures? Realistically, it took us more than a few weeks to put on the additional 100lbs. that we used to think was cute, cuddly and sexy, that we're now trying so hard (or at least that's what we say) to lose.

We all have put on many pounds sitting on our butts, so how do we think we're gonna lose pounds by popping a pill....and still sitting on our butts? Face it, it ain't gonna happen people! We've got to get up, do some...and I don't mean eat some... push-ups, do some sit-ups, and run a little. You've got to sweat to burn that fat....NOT sweat while standing over the stove, frying up bacon fat! You've got to earn it to burn it.

I'm no health-nut, eating and drinking grass shakes, but I'll tell you this. When I walk down the stairs, my ass doesn't shake.

I'm not trying to be heartless or anything, but I'm running out of patience for all those so called weight loss pill infomercials. If this pill was so real, why do the infomercials come on soooo late at night? And for the one's that DO come on during the day, you've got to have a magnifying glass handy (and be a speed reader)to read the extra small print at the bottom of the screen. Don't believe the hype people. The closest thing that we've had to easy weight loss solutions, without the addition of steroids, has been Slim Fast....and that didn't even work. Don't believe me...ask my dad. He tried it for 3-months, and he was miserable. Granted, three months in nowhere near enough time to see results by just drinking nasty milk shakes, but still, nothing changed but his motivation...from a believer, to a frustrated binge eater. Now, 25 EXTRA pounds later (on top of the one's he was trying to lose), we've got cans of 15-year old Slim Fast residue in the cabinet....acting as a stand-in pesticide for the roaches.

How many of you have had friends or family members waste $20+ dollars on these pills and swear to you that they have to go shopping to buy new clothes, cause all their old clothes are too baggy, and don't fit? How many of you, with those same falsly motivated family members have them tell you that your eating habits are all wrong, and that you should pop a fake-loss...I mean weight-loss pill to keep your appetite under control..."cause with the pill, you can eat anything you want cause it burns the fat while you sleep and sit on your butt all day long"? What's up with that? There ain't nothing worse than someone with weight problems (and fake remedies) tell you that your eating habits are wrong.

How many of you out there have gone through, or are going through the same thing that I've just described?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's simple. You CAN'T lose weight by sitting on your 300 pound rump. You gotta move something. Think about it, how can you burn fat, if you're not generating any heat? What are you popping, hot pills? Get serious. Weight sits on you, just like you sit on your butts all day at work, and around the house, and in the kitchen, and in the lazy boy...well, you get my point. So, if you sit, you can't burn. Trust me, it's just a quick scheme for some pill company to make some money. As a matter of fact, if you do decide to pop pills, wait to see how long it's on the market before you buy. Usually, when they introduce a new pill, it's the best thing since sliced bread. After a while, if it's not selling, all of a sudden, it's bad for you. Then, a week later, here comes a new pill that you're stupid enough to buy and try. Stop putting all that crap inside your body's, and sweat it out a little.

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