Saturday, April 07, 2007

Imus is a RACIST!!

This post was submitted by my older brother. No matter how many times we try to forget, or ignore it, racism sadly still exists in America. Please feel free to comment, and link to and circulate this post.

One thing that I've learned over the years is that you can suppress your true feeling for so long. Eventually your true feeling will surface. White America would like us to believe that racism is dead. Contrary to what is said, racism is alive, breathing and growing. The comments Imus made about the Rutgers female basketball team wasn't the mistake. The mistake was that MSNBC didn't censor it or had a five second delay. The mistake was Imus used his radio show to voice what he really feels about African American women and African American's as a whole. The mistake is MSNBC gave a racist a public form to broadcast his racist views. Imus comments weren't a joke in poor taste. The only people who would find those comments to be a joke are Imus, the other man on the show at that time and the many other racist people in America. I'm offended by his comments but not suprised. I'm smart enough to know that there are plenty more so called celebrities or high profile people that feels the same way he does. I personally reject his apology, MSNBC's apology and will ask any self respecting African American or human for that matter to reject their insincere apology and boycott anything that has to do with Imus and MSNBC until Imus is fired. Please continue to circulate this email and feel free to add any comment about this issue.

Yusef A. Roberson


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