Monday, March 26, 2007


I have not received the camera that I ordered yet (Fuji S6000fd), but I still wanted to showcase another photo I took a while ago. This is one of my "Artsy" type photos. I really like it. I like the color and the shadow that I got from the tree. Well...at least it looks "Artsy" to me ;-).

Anyway, there was no Photoshopping on this photo. It's just what the camera (and my eye) sees. As soon as I get my Photoshop "Elements" CD-Rom, I'll repost this picture, processed, so you can see the difference.

Once I get my new camera, I will refocus my attention on my picture website "THE CAMER-ATEUR PROJECT" (www.picsbyahmed.fotopic.net) in which I will showcase the same photos that you see here, but without post-processing. Everything here will be Photoshopped, and everything at "THE CAMER-ATEUR PROJECT" will not...get it ;-)

Also, all of the pictures you see here will be on my "FLICKR" site too. That is where you'll get ALL of my photos....the Good, the Bad, and the....well, you get the picture ;-)


Blogger jacheree said...

Hola! So yeah, it's been awhile. I just went back and read your stuff I had missed though! That Dave & Busters stuff is ridONKulous! Racism seriously bothers me soooo much. Some of my boyfriends friends are idiots & go on little tangents with their racist comments. On spring break one of them commented that he didn't want to go to a particular place because "There's probably a ton of black people there." I was like "Aaaaand what's your point?" He said, "Well I just think it would be really uncomfortable to walk in and be like, the only white people there." I looked at him and said, "Well then you'd know what they felt like every other day of their lives." (We were in a majorly white area.) He kind of just ignored my comment-but I was so pissed!!!! Then me & the other girl we had with us were sitting in the car while the boys bought alcohol and a black man happened to walk past and go into the store and she commented, "Dude I hope he doesn't rob the place!" And she proceeded to lock the doors. I was awe-struck. She then laughed it off as though she wasn't serious, but I could tell she was nervously watching him when he walked back out of the store.

lol* Just thought I'd share my *GRRRR* story! People are just flat-out DUMB sometimes.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous a.roberson said...

I feel you Pinky. Look at me. Do you think I am a threat as a black man? I am not a violent person at all, but I know how to take care of myself. Look at it like this. People's ingnorance is just a defense mechanism for their own inadequacies. They feel inferior about something in their lives, so they lash-out at others...with no basis. Where are they getting their info...from the negative news??? The only thing the news reports and promotes is DRAMA!!!

10:18 AM  

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