Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Subject: Dave & Busters in Marietta , Georgia

The 'struggle' has not ended!!! Read on. . .

Urban Soul of Atlanta, Georgia is no longer promoting Friday Happy Hour
at Dave & Busters in Marietta , Georgia because of the unlawful
practices and comments made by management against African Americans.

In four years, Urban Soul had generated over 10 million dollars in revenue
for Dave & Busters. After meeting with management and corporate officials
on Thursday, December 14, 2006, it's clear that African Americans are not treated the same
as whites.

One of the comments that management made was 'I think the Urban Soul
crowd should enter through the back doors, so our white customers won't
be disturbed.' Another comment made was, 'The Black crowd doesn't spend
any money.' Since they said African Americans don't spend any money and
we disturb their white customers, the only way we 'disturb' Dave &
Busters is to hurt them financially. Let's see if they miss that 10
million dollars African Americans have spent in the last four years.

Do not spend any more money at Dave & Busters. Take your birthday
parties, evenings out, after parties, and other events elsewhere. Call all
your friends and send this email to everyone you know.


You have to wonder, why would a business, whether it be white or black owned, say something
so stupid to ruin their revenue? Money is money, no matter who it comes from. If we actually take the time to boycott Dave & Busters for them to see the impact, it would be a small victory for the black and hispanic (I know the hispanic community is probably mentioned in this as well) communities, and a good lesson learned for ignorant racists' across the world. I just don't understand why we as a people try so hard to make successes out of our lives, then say and do such dumb acts to ruin it all.

I USED TO love going to Dave & Busters, but I hope they fail miserably, because of their stupidity. What do you think?


Anonymous Hendy said...

Dave and Busters is the best place to have your meal with lots of fun.

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there last night. The place was shoulder to shoulder and a 2.5 hour wait for a table. We were the ONLY white people there. I was actually floored that 1/3 of the crowd were very young children. Hundreds of children out past 11pm asleep in booths/parents arms/ etc.. while their parents stand around drinking.

Yes, thank you! I will NEVER go there again!! Ever!

6:41 AM  

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