Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I have to ask.....why, when our fellow African-American (Black) brothers and sisters make a success, or what appears to be a success of our lives, we turn our backs on our other "brothers and sisters"?

What I mean is this. I am an up-and-coming entrepreneur who hasn't fully landed on a solid foundation of what I am attempting to do (beyond gaining my own financial freedom), but my struggle continues. Whenever I see a fellow brother who has the appearance of, or has made a success of his/her lives, I am ALWAYS quick to say hello, or at least give a reassuring/I'm proud of you "what's up", or head-knod, but what I get back in return for my cordial attitude is....nothing! Why is that?

Why is it that when our brothers/sisters "make it", they all of a sudden become too good for us "regular-folk"? I've been looked at as if I'm a groupie, or "all on their jocks" as if I'm looking for a hand-out or something. For those of you who really know me, you all know that I am intelligent, focused and very professionally business-minded, and the last thing that I look like is a thug or something. So when I give that look of pride to a fellow brother/sister that is currently where I am trying to get, it hurts to not get a positive response, if any response at all.

This is similar to my "Crabs in a Barrel" blog that I did a while ago stating that us as black people can't stand to see one of our own become a success, or get ahead without dragging the rest of us along for the FREE ride, but the difference is, I don't want the FREE-Ride. I want the information! Just teach me, or tell me what you know, or what you did to become a success so I can earn my own. Taking hand-outs is not my thing, and for all who know me, you know that to be 100% true! I work day and night to get what I have, and if someone could show me a quicker, more efficient way, I'll do that, but don't be afraid to let me know what you know....unless you're afraid that I'll surpass you in your own profession ;-)

I just find it a little troubling to see how our own treat each other. We should be focused on our success as a whole, instead of leaving others you consider beneath you behind.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. I can't stand it when you look at somebody black to say hi to them, and all they do is look at you funny like you want something from them. I'm not all over you like that, I'm just trying to say good job or something.

7:30 PM  
Anonymous A.Roberson said...

Yeah, we'll never be able to get ahead if we can't get along good enough to speak to one another, instead of looking at each other as if we are competition. I don't know of any other race of people that does that to each other. We need to get past the whole slave mentality, because none of us, nor our parents were slaves! Once we let that way of thinking go, we might be able to progress.


8:59 PM  
Blogger Vicious Summer said...

Well, although I'm not black, I have been guilty of being short with random people coming up to me and wanting to know all about me and my business. I know it sounds bitchy, but it happens SO often that it just gets old sometimes. I often feel that everyone just wants to take, take, take without giving anything back, just because so many people have. Don't get me wrong, because I have given lots of advice, etc. to people, but it seems that the more I give, the more people want to take. My best friends mom even called me to tell me that she wanted to start an online business and she wanted me to teach her how. The lady doesn't even know how to use a computer!

Any ways, I'm sure if the guy that you approached knew that you just wanted to express how proud you are of his success, I'm sure he would have acted differently. At least I hope so ;)...

10:23 PM  

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