Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm Back....and on a Quest to see the WORLD!!!

As some of you may have read my blog and seen my photography website, you would have noticed a category in my navbar entitled "Photo Trips". Basically, my "Photo Trips" are trips that I am taking, or am going to take to see all the 50 states (and not just drive through, but visit), as well as most other countries of the world.

I have a quest to be a Travel Photographer, and why not start with our own 50 states?

I haven't traveled in 15-years prior to my recent "Photo Trip" to North Carolina, and that trip did exactly what I thought it would, which was awaken my Travel Bug! Now that I have gotten over my slight fear of flying (somewhat), I am plotting my next state to visit and photograph.

My next quest is the state of Arizona...namely, the Grand Canyon (unless I decide to stay in Cali and visit Yosemite first....I will let you know. Just visit my website (Photo Trips) to stay up on where I'll be. I'll post my trips at least 2-weeks before I go).

Now, I know this is nothing all too special, and most of you reading this have probably seen more of the world than I have, but for me, it is EVERYTHING! I am not built for the 9-5 corporate world! I'm not saying that I'm going to stop working and live like a bum, but what I am going to do is continue to pursue my career/dream, and keep traveling and photographing ALL of my trips to the 50 states, and when I conquer that quest, then it's onward to the other countries and continents. I WILL see Australia before I die ;-)!!

Anyway, here's two pics of my trip to Fayetteville, North Carolina. There was not much to see, but I did my best ;-)

Visit my website to see the rest of the collection. www.aimlessphotography.com


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