Sunday, July 23, 2006


This is what I Gotta Know....
What the %#@& is up with these gas prices! It seems like EVERY $&#%in’ day, this ish is going up! What the #&%*!
Our beloved President…”W” is killin’ me! One week, it’s $3.07 (thank God for that), and the next DAY, it’s like $3.25! What is going on? I can’t stand it. You know it’s bad when you’re happy to see that gas is back to $3.07, and don’t let the gas get down to $2.99. The line will be wrapped around the block.

We’ve got our brothers (my brother is really over there) and sisters out there fighting and losing their lives in a fight that has gone well beyond what Osama did to us. Now, it seems that this battle is for gas more than retaliating for what took place in New York. This madness has to stop. It’s almost becoming too expensive for us to go to work…if you can follow me. More than half the nation (or at least the people I know) is living from check to check, and that’s hard enough by itself. Then, along with the normal cost-of-living increases, we have to rearrange our budgets to compensate for these gas hikes. Everything is going up except our paychecks. It hurts(financially) to drive to work (for us who have long commutes), but we can’t afford not to go either. This is the worst catch-22 I’ve ever experienced.

I’m so sick of the lame excuses of our crude oil prices rising I don’t know what to do. What ever happened to all of the oil that we recycle from our cars and other machinery? Why can’t we use that to produce more gas? I guess it takes oil to recycle oil. With that being the case, we’re back at square one.

I truly believe that we’re being served at the pump, and I’ll tell you why. In my neighborhood, the gas prices rise and fall like the sun, but what I don’t understand is how can one gas station on the eastern corner charge $3.07 for regular unleaded, while the adjacent gas station charges $3.17 for the same ish? I’m not making this up people, this is real (I would take pics, but I don’t want to get in trouble). Is it because they have a mini-mart on site? Why should we have to pay for their amenities? I don’t want anything you’re selling but gas…and I’m already mad enough about that! The craziest part of all of this madness is that I actually see people across the street paying .10cents more for the same gas! What’s up with that? You’ve got so much loot that you can throw that extra dime-per-gallon away. Man, slide that over to me, cause I need it. We are being gouged at the pump people. There’s no way in hell you can explain to me how one gas station charges $x, while the competing gas station, on the same corner charges $x+. They’re setting the prices as the see fit, and they are reaping the benefits. Don’t believe the hype when they say they’re broke, and not profiting. They are getting over.

Here’s the worst part of it all! This is the REAL reality. Gas is NEVER going back down. Back when I was in college, gas was .89cents a gallon! We used to complain when it would go up to .92cents. MAN, how I wish for those days to come back. As a matter of fact, give me $1.50 and I’ll shut up, but at$3.07+ a gallon…..kiss my #$%!
This is how I know gas is going to stay the same, or get worse. Our government is finding ways for us to cope with these gas prices by giving us hybrid vehicles, and finding other petroleum solutions such as E-85 Ethanol.

That’s proof that gas will never have a significant price drop. With these new vehicles and solutions, why would/should they. They’re getting paid by the oil companies, gas companies and car manufacturers. They claim that our natural resources are scarce, so they charge us accordingly. Basic laws of supply and demand, and with all this money being made off our NEED for this super high gas, they’re not going to lower gas prices ever, even if they supply us with vehicles that give great mpg’s. Just think of how much money the industries would lose if they lowered gas prices back to normal, with all of these hybrids floating around. We wouldn’t have to fill up for weeks at a time, and you know they can’t have that. Why change the game if you don’t have to? They’re gonna keep sticking us, and there’s nothing we can do. Can we write letters…no. Been there, done that. Can we strike…no. If we picked a day to boycott the gas stations, all we’d do is fill-up on the day before the boycott, and the gas stations would make their money anyway.

I saw a special on our economy on PBS two years ago. It was about Hybrid vehicle manufacturers, and I believe the special was about Chevy Hybrids (don’t quote me on this). It was said that their Hybrids were so efficient with gas that our beloved government stepped in and enforced an all vehicle recall, because they were capable of an estimated 65+mpg. Our gas economy would have suffered such a surplus profit loss, that they wouldn’t allow it. Now tell me you don’t think we’re being gouged and lied to about our crude oil and natural gas shortage.

We are getting served people, and there’s nothing we can do. Am I wrong here? Please let me know.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Government is slowly but surely widening the gap between rich and poor. No more middle class…just have and the have not. It’s happening right before our eyes, high interest rates, expensive medical coverage, taxes and of course high gas. I guess they are making us pay for the retired baby boomers that are collecting SS. But trip, they’re hitting them as well as us, because you see the retired folks working at Wal Mart. We have to adjust our living and hopefully the economy will feel the consumer push and adjust a little in our favor to take the pressure off. But in the end the house wins(Government, IRS, Big Banks and Creditors)…

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion gas prices are going to stay what they are until Bush is out of office. Since he's been in office we've had more economical problems then any other presidency (I can't speak for presidents before my time) But Bush doesn't care about people (especially minorities) struggling with the prices of anything in any City or State. I stopped stressing out about the price of gas last summer. It's not going to get any better so my best advice is for everyone to keep their head up and hang in there..We have to go to work so...if they charge $10.00 a gallon for gas we have to pay for it..It is what it is and that sucks..

6:41 PM  

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