Tuesday, October 24, 2006


This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing a timeless classic...Classic & Custom car show here in Westminster, Ca. Every year, as I understand it, this car show is open to the public to marvel in the presence of, and enjoy these fully restored Lords of the Road....FOR FREE!

How sweet is that!? A car show of this calibur...for FREE!? You've gotta love the enthusiasm. I'm a car guy to the fullest! I love my POS Dodge, no matter how many times it's stalled on me..but I digress.

I love the glistening paint, the attention to detail, and I can truly appreciate the blood, sweat and tears put into adding the personalized, and finishing touches on your ride.

Cars like these ruin relationships...trust me, I know. It's funny how you meet a girl who's totally in love with your sweet ride...until she realizes that you love your car just as much as you love her...then comes the drama...but once again, I digress. Custom and Classic Cars are like members of the family. You've got to bathe them(detailed car wash), feed them (premium gasoline), dress them (ArmorAll and Tire Shine) and buy them new shoes(custom wheels) from time to time. You can't expect your car to take care of you, unless you take care of it, right?

See, I've been neglecting my Dodge lately, so she had to speak up and raise her voice a little. In the last 2- days, she stalled on me in the middle of homeward bound rush-hour traffic (I know what you're saying right now...you want to kill me too!) at least 3-times. Talk about embarrassing. I tend to give lots of dirty looks on the road (my silent form of road-rage), but when it's directed towards you, you can't do anything but bow your head in shame.

If I would have been taking care of her (like her man should) like these Custom & Classic enthusiasts', I wouldn't be running off on my own little tangent about my sassy lady....but I'm proud to say that I took a moment to look under her hood, fix her issues and give her a nice, and well deserved bath. Now my baby shines like a new penny ;-)...and there's no more stalling..so far.

My car in it's current stage is not worthy of competing in this local annual Show n' Shine (since she was stolen and stripped of all her goods), so instead, I'd like to invite you to see all of the Pride and Power in these beautiful beasts'. Take a moment to look at the photo shoot and appreciate these beauties of the past (and present). Actually, some of these rides look a little better than some of these weird spaceships we're driving around today...but that's just my opinion. What do you think?

CLICK HERE FOR THE PHOTO SHOOT & TO PURCHASE PHOTOS! (Listed in the Westminster Classic Car Show Gallery)


Blogger jacheree said...

You truly are a car lover when you think your car is stalling because it is feeling neglected. :-) I love it. My boyfriend is definitely one of those guys. He says good-night to his car and washes it more than anyone should.

So far, it has not ruined our relationship. Cars are his passion just as writing is mine, so I understand and I don't complain when he ignores me for 5 hours to take care of his baby. *giggle* :-)

Love the pics, btw.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous A.Roberson said...

You've gotta be a car guy/girl to know where I'm coming from ;-). ALL guys know that if you neglect, or talk bad to/about your car...she'll act up on you ;-)...it's a guy thang I guess.

I wonder..did your boyfriend get a chance to see the pics too? If not, let him know. I KNOW he'll appreciate them just as I did.

I should have more pics for you guys in a week or so. I have another shoot this Sunday.

Thanks for coming back ;-)

10:20 PM  

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