Tuesday, October 10, 2006


In our world of glamour and glitz, there lives an underlying feeling of insecurity and low self esteem. Women in our society are held up in the highest regard, only if they are physically capable of being molded into what "society" thinks is acceptable. I may be old-school, but I am not really impressed by the "new styled" woman of the 2000's. I'm into the natural woman. I like the natural breasts (whether big or small), the natural butts (preferrably BIG ;-) and the natural look. ( If you must wear make-up, try to use as little as possible if you're aiming to please me).

Recently (at least for a year now), I've been hearing lots of commercials on ALL of the popular radio stations advertising breast augmentations, face lifts and tummy-tucks. Althought plastic surgery is not new, I still think it is a terrible mistake. That has to be one of the worst things you can physically do to your body (besides drug abuse). Our women are so into pleasing the public eye that they are not considering the long term effects that plastic surgery has on their bodies. Ok, so your 45 year old breasts look like they're 20, but what happens when you turn 60+? Your whole body is going to be sagging (that's natural with old age), but your breasts are still going to be sitting up like war missiles. That's NOT going to be attractive...not even to perverts. What are you going to do then, go under the knife and get cut once again? Our bodies are extremely resilient, but this is going way beyond.

In a previous article (If you've Ever Wondered), I wrote about how many women are subjecting themselves to plastic surgery to get approval......from who? Men tend to say that they don't really care whether breasts are real or not, but honestly, if you take a close look at how some of these women look at 100lbs (with 30lbs of that being fake breasts), there's nothing attractive at all. I don't know about the rest of you, but I remember learning in high school that in some other cultures, women with the most 'meat' on their bodies were considered to be the most attractive. Weight was an asset as opposed to a defect. Now, I'm not encouraging obesity, but after all the diets that I've tried, I always felt better when I wasn't starving myself to look "Hollywood Good".

It's almost like these commercials are making plastic surgery ok, and if we don't do anything to change this, the "Nip-Tuck" tv show is going to soon become a reality show, and we really don't want that. More importantly, these commercials are targeting women. Men, we HAVE TO step up and let our women know that a little cushion is A-OK!! Another sad thing about this is that it's mainly happening in California. I just came from Vegas, and while I was in my room (trying not to gamble) watching regular tv, not once did I see a Bally's or 24-hour Fitness commercial. Hollywood is turning our women into Frankenstein Monsters (all chopped up and put back together).

I had an associate a while ago who was dating this rich 16 year old girl (it's ok, he's only 17). She had everything a 16 girl would ever want, and then some. In her rich little circle, all of her friends were "glamour girls". Tattooed make-up, liposuction and breast implants. At the time, she happened to be the only girl (I did say girl...she's only 16) in the circle that was under-developed in comparison to her friends, so just like any spoiled unsupervised and self-parented teenager would do, she asked her "too-busy to parent" parents if she could have breast implants for her 17th birthday. Do I really have to say that they said YES!!!? Does anyone else see the underlying problem with this? There's the obvious problems that come with plastic surgery (scars, mistakes, malpractice and sometimes death), but what about her age, her under-developed (late blooming) body, and the fact that when she hits mid-17 through 20 when her natural breast try to grow under those implants? This is what I mean when I say that people are not paying attention to the real problems with plastic surgery.

Our accredited doctors have turned plastic surgery (which was generally used to help burn and accident victims, and so on) into a marketplace for chopping up teenagers, and over-weight adults. We absolutely have to do something about what's happening to our society. No one is happy with who they are. What's going to happen when these young implanted women become mothers and grandmothers? What are our future grandchildren going to say when they see grandma with boobs like Dolly Parton? And what about the men???? I've seen reality shows on MTV where men were getting peck and calf muscle implants to help with their body-building competitions (as well as their self-esteem). When is it ever going to stop? Somebody talk to me please!!! Does anybody else see what's wrong here?!!!

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Blogger jacheree said...

I completely agree.

Plastic surgery is definitely out of control. People get it for the STUPIDEST reasons!

1:22 PM  
Blogger A.Roberson said...

I love to look at women just as much as the next man, but that's exactly who I want to look at...the women...not their platic parts. If I wanted plastic, I spend a whole lot more time in department stores ;-)a

6:35 PM  

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