Friday, February 16, 2007


From the day we enter this crazy world, we are pressured and molded into "men" in society's eyes, and how does society see us.....as 'providers'.

Is that pressure warranted? Is it fair that we become the providers while the women are being trained and molded into housewives? I'm not saying that being a housewife is totally easy, but being out on the daily-grind M-F, 9-5 SUCKS! There are times that I'd rather sit back at home, cook a little, clean a little and watch my favorite stories, but nooooo. What do I HAVE TO do...get my lazy, good for nothing butt up, and go to work! It's our training that places us into these roles, and we really have no control over it.

When I first started to REALLY realize that I was destined to become a "man"/"provider" for the lady in my life, I was frustrated...plus I was in high school, so I really didn't have a grasp on how things really work. I thought it was totally unfair for us men to HAVE TO have the nice cars, nice clothes, money, and be cool and popular on top of all the others stuff mentioned. That was totally unfair to me, because the only thing you women HAD TO do for us was look cute, wear our favorite outfits, and hit us with the "Colgate Smile" every now-and-then;-) What did we do when y'all did that for us...we broke our necks trying to be that man for y'all, and it killed me! ;-(

Well, shortly after my little rude awakening, I had another thought. I thought to myself, if I'm going to HAVE TO get the nice car, good job and decent clothes, my lady is going to HAVE TO continue dressing cute, cooking for me, and continue to keep the house clean for me when I get home from my dreadful 9-5, and do other things to/for me that I will not mention here ;-)

I guess it's just the way we are taught from our society's old rules, and it's really ok, but sometimes, it's a little unfair. What's really unfair about it all is, I'm willing to bet that just about every woman that is reading this right now is totally not agreeing with me about having the nice car, good clothes and money, but how often do you see a beautiful woman with a broken down man...not very. On the other hand, a woman could be totally car-less, broke and living with her mom, and that would be ok with us...why...because we're the providers, and all we want to do is provide for you, and make you happy...but what about us????

Society's rules suck! I think I should try to find me a Sugar-Momma or something ;-) Just wanted to share some more of my Aimless Thoughts with y'all. What do you think?


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