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(READ PT.1 FIRST, to get the FULL story!)

For those of you who know the Question Man, you know that I'm a heavy thinker.....as well as a Big-Time do-it-yourselfer. Before I decided to take my butt to Walmart to purchase a new battery for my bucket, I had to investigate. I had to know the problem for sure (cause batteries just don't die like that...without warning), before I went out and spent my hard-earned dollars on something that I didn't need. It's not that I'm cheap or anything, but for one, I'm on a budget...just as all of us are, and two....I'm frugal....as you can tell from my "To Shine or not to Shine" article.

Upon my investigation, and slicing my finger,
I found that my battery terminals were corroded from here to next Christmas, as well as loose. That explains that radio lights flickering off and on. So, I proceeded to try to tighten them when I stumble across the the real problem. It was the negative battery terminal. Not only was it corroded, but it was broken at the seam. Now it's all starting to make sense....when I was driving (speeding) home, I noticed that whenever I'd hit a hard bump in the road, my radio would flicker. That was the terminal making, and losing the connection .

With me finding the problem, there was only one simple thing to do. Go to Walmart and buy a new terminal...sounds simple right...but this is me we're talking about. My brother, nor my cousin was home, so me walking to Walmart was out of the question. I had to go for the next best thing....walk to Auto Zone, which is a little closer. I strapped on my running shoes, and headed out the door. Now, my shoes are made for running, and I thought about it, but it was 'slave hot' outside, so that wasn't gonna happen....but then again, I ain't no punk!...

where was I....oh yeah, like I was saying, Auto Zone is fine, but there's this one old guy there who tries to be the employee of the month, so any time someone walks into the store, before we can get comfortable, he pops out of nowhere asking as loud as he can "can I help you find something"! The service is good, but let the door close behind me before you start attacking for commission.

Just like a hyper little kid, I have no patience, so I decided to run to Auto Zone, which was ok 'cause I was due for my weekly scheduled workout. As I said earlier, I made it to the store, and made a b-line straight to the parts that I needed. I tried to hurry and pay, (to avoid the old guy) but like Freddy Kruger on Nightmare on Elm Street, he popped out of nowhere..."CAN I HELP YOU FIND SOMETHING!"? Luckily, I already had my stuff, and was ready to leave.

I ran back home and applied my shiny new <--terminal,jumped in the car, turned the key, and the Mighty Dodge started without a jump! Thankfully, I am back in business. I only spent $10 on a new terminal, and some anti-corrosion acid (kids, don't try this at home), and with a little elbow grease, she lives again. Actually, with the new terminal, and newly desolved corrosion, my bucket is running better than before. Hell, this may have fixed the 'turning off when it wants to' problem. I swear, y'all should call me Al Bundy. With all the miles and problems that my Dodge has, no other name will do.

Well, that is all to my continued little story. Hope you enjoyed my trials, and with that being said....sometimes.....DOES THIS STORY WARRANT A POSSIBLE ANSWER FOR THE QUESTION MAN?


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Dude, you sight is cool. These stories are funny.

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