Thursday, November 30, 2006


Life is full of questions, and with my inquisitive mind, I've come up with a few for you. Somebody please tell me:

*WHY....is gas STILL as high today, as it was last year?

*WHY....can't we foresee the end of this war, and normal gas prices in our immediate

*WHY....have we not seen any positive results from this war?

*WHY....must we sit back quietly, while our brothers and sisters are overseas putting
their lives on the line while our government gouges us with high gas prices?

*WHY....is our cost of living & minimum wages rising, but our quality of life
declining? We spend sooo much time working, that we can't seem to enjoy
any extra money we earn with wage increases.

*WHY....is every major freeway under construction, to compensate for the overcrowding
California, STILL not yielding any positive results?

*WHY....are racially motivated police beatings & shootings happening in waves? It
seems like once one event becomes public, multiple stories emerge.

*WHY....do people act surprised when 'now captive' animals attack their trainers?
Why should these animals be punished because of their survival instincts?

*WHY....are relationships so hard to maintain?

*WHY....is the one you love, the same one you hate...but can't seem to get away

*WHY....do you become more desirable once you're in a committed relationship?

*WHY....can't you seem to BUY a date when you're single?

*WHY....can't we just be HAPPY????


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