Friday, September 01, 2006

*The Starbucks Screw-Up. This is BIG!!!

This is what I Gotta Know....
For all you Starbucks Coffee drinkers out there, it’s been said that there is a Starbucks coupon floating around giving away a FREE ‘ICED GRANDE BEVERAGE’! I was told that it was supposed to be for select Starbucks customers, but the group-email that was sent was flawed. Instead of the ‘special’ customers getting the email to get their exclusive offer, it went out to EVERYBODY! So, if you were lucky enough to end up on the Starbucks mailing list, you could be getting a chance to walk in there and get your freebie.

The problem that Starbucks is facing however is they can’t discern who is a ‘special’ customer, and who is a scavenger….like you and me ;-). That means that EVERYBODY who has this emailed coupon in their possession can get a sweet-treat from the Donald Trump of Coffee and Ice Mochas. It must really suck to be Starbucks, but hell….those guys are rich enough from all of us.

Now, because you are my loyal readers, I HAD TO let you all know about the screw-up, and that this coupon expires on SEPTEMBER 30th!!! The coupon is good at ALL participating Starbucks...but which one is participating....ALL OF THEM!! They didn't specify. MAN it sucks to be Starbucks!!! They can’t tell you no. They can’t say that they’re not honoring it. The only thing they can probably do is check to see if you’re on their ‘special’ mailing list, but who wants to go through all that trouble to save a dollar or two…Starbucks, that’s who. This faux pas is gonna cost them MILLIONS!!! I’d hate to be that employee/ex-employee who designed the coupon…or even worse, the guy who approved it. Can you say unemployment line?

Anyways, in closing, for all you loyal Starbuck-ers, what are you going to do to get your hands on that coupon? Who you gonna call? Who you gonna ask for a photocopy? ;-)

I don’t know about you, but I might have a clue.…
and with that being said….as always....WHO HAS AN ANSWER FOR THE QUESTION MAN?

This short was inspired by HVS


Anonymous Baby Momma said...

Man who cares about a stinking free coupon for some stupid coffee.... they are a multimillion dollar company so they can afford to give away a few free drinks here and there every once and awhile... besides with how much money their customers spend on coffee they deserve some free shit!! And I would drink some
7-11 coffee with flavored creamer over Starbucks anyday!!!

12:22 PM  
Blogger A.Roberson said...

What!? I thought Starbucks was the bomb! A free coupon mistake of this magnitude can bankrupt some companies. Just think about how much money they make everyday. Now compare that to how many potential freebies they could give away from now til the 30th. They could stand to lose a LOT of money, especially if this coupon gets spread around like all our other typical joke emails. That's an awful lot of Iced Grande Beverages.

So the hype is true that Starbucks coffee really isn't all that huh? So why are they so damned popular?

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad to say that i'm no slave to the coffee bean. give's less than a damn. only reason i'm commenting is cause you got gumption cousin........damien

2:37 PM  
Blogger A.Roberson said...

Wow, I really thought this would cause some major commotion at the doors of Starbucks. If no one REALLY cares about the "great-taste" of Starbucks Coffee, then why is that place ALWAYS crowded? Honestly, I don't drink coffee, I just like the vibe of the place, and an occasional over-priced hot chocolate in the winter. Am I missing something here people?

Thanx for the comment ;-)

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Craig Mack said...

Yo, they just cancelled the coupon. It's on the news!!!

6:19 PM  
Blogger A.Roberson said...

I knew Starbucks was going to come up with something to cover their backs. Don't worry, there will be a post about that tomorrow. I am the voice of the people ;-)

9:40 PM  

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