Saturday, September 16, 2006

Welcome to Aimless-Thought

Welcome to Aimless-Thought! Soon you will notice this website/weblog taking on a new appearance, with new topics, juicy gossip, and great photos.

I have added two new websites to my list of blogs in the upper -right corner. www.everyblink.blogspot.com. With Every Blink (listed as SNAPSHOTS PHOTOGRAPHY) is strictly a photo-blog that I use to share how I view the world...with every blink of my eyes, and www.gimmeatopic.blogspot.com/ CREATIVE WRITING is my resume of articles that I have written for other online magazines and websites. (If you have a topic or an article that you'd like me to write for you or your publication/website, send me an email at nethedd@yahoo.com, or visit the site{Gimme A Topic} and contact me through comments there).

Thank you for your patronage, and I look forward to entertaining you with all of my new and unique articles/topics, and unique/strange photos.


Anonymous baby momma said...

Yo... I can't leave a comment on the kids pix unless I am a "blogger"... but damn those are some good lookin' kids!! Their parents must be HOT!!
Thanks for using my kids, it does me proud!

7:52 AM  
Blogger A.Roberson said...

Your comments are ALWAYS welcome. I'm just an idiot. I forgot to make the proper settings adjustment, but now it's wide open for you to leave your thoughts.

2:27 PM  

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