Thursday, January 18, 2007

Is Not Knowing, Better?

If you are a major "24" fan like I am, you would have witnessed the beginning of another masterful season. If you're a major thinker like I am, you've also come up with an answer to the now ever popular question, could that really happen?

If you are not aware of the latest "24" craze, I am talking about the "terrorists" detonating 1 of 5 brief-case-enclosed Nuclear Bombs. "24"-heads like myself are all asking whether it is possible or not for terrorists to be able to have, and easily detonate Nuclear Bombs right under our ATF, DEA and CIA's noses. Some may call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think the answer is YES.


Well, why not? Our government is SUPPOSED to be aware, and prepared for all worst-case scenario's, but we cannot, under any circumstances, stop any terrorists attempts on our soil.

The Oklahoma City bombing.
The SECOND, and sadly successful World Trade Center Attacks.
The attacks on the Pentagon, and many more that we are not fully aware of, are all indications that we are NOT prepared for the REAL worst-case-scenario, which is a Nuclear attack.

So, being that we are not prepared, do you think it is our govt's. duty to inform the people of this great country, or should we be left in the dark in order to preserve our regular work-a-day lifestyle? I for one think it's best that we do not know. If we were to find out all of our govt's. doings, the information alone would incite a riot to say the least. World wide panic would ensue, and there would be no possible way for us to maintain, or regain order.

Moreover, I think we like to be left in the dark, because if we were allowed to see roughly 5-minutes of footage of what our govt. keeps from us, our 'regular' minds would shut down, and we'd be up for a major rebooting.

For example, look at cellular phone technology. Do you honestly think that these new small and slim phones are really NEW? I think not! These technologically advanced phones have been around for years, but since we're on a set schedule, we cannot exceed our govt. set tech allowances, because there would be nothing to look forward to, or prepare to buy. Keeping us in the dark, or one step behind helps keep the economy flowing.

I am willing to bet everything I've ever owned on the fact that when Zack Morris was all too popular on "Saved By the Bell" , walking around with his all white, super big brick cell phone, these smaller and more advanced phones were already available, but just not in mass production. If they were, what would we be using now...microchips? You get it? We just can't handle technological advances handed to us at a much faster pace than we've been preset to.

Think back a little further, and see if you can follow me. Let me paint a quick picture for you. It had to be roughly around early 2004. There was a commercial where there was a man sitting on a park bench, possibly somewhere downtown New York, and he was wearing a nice set of small stylish sun glasses. There was another man sitting next to him, but they weren't speaking. All of a sudden, the man with the sun glasses started yelling out "BUY", "SELL", "TRADE", "NO", "NO" and so on. He was wearing a set of internet/tv glasses, and he was trading stock online....through the lens of his glasses! How cool is that!? That was shown to us, and taken away from us back in early '04....or maybe even '03.

That commercial has had me excited about that product since then, and I still haven't forgotten about it. I'm just waiting for them to release it to the world...just like the in-home picture phones.

You see, our world is much more advanced than we are allowed to know, and I think with good reason. "We cannot handle the truth". We are a simple society with a majority of simple people who do not wish to have their boats rocked, and I do not blame them. I for one can handle the onslaught of new technology, because I'm just a brainy geek like that, but the world can't. If we were to be informed that we are really always under constant ORANGE and RED alert, people would be afraid to leave their homes, and our economy would suffer as a result. We have to be left in the dark about our already available technology, and terrorism threats in order to survive in this somewhat perfect world that our govt. has created for us.

So with that being said, am I wrong? Do you think we can handle what the world REALLY has in store for us, or Is Not Knowing, Better?


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