Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We're Accepting Pesos Now???

Dallas, Texas.

What is happening to our California/American economy when Small Pizza Chains begin accepting Pesos as a form of payment...for American food or products?

It goes back to my previous blog (Illegal Immigrants in Our Economy) post when I gave my views and opinions about how illegal immigrants are effecting our American economy. One of the examples that I stated was one about Landscaping companies being undercut by illegals to do just as good a job as our American businesses for a small fraction of the price. Now, don't mistake what I'm saying by thinking that it's wrong to look for better deals and save money overall, but as a whole, by accepting the "better" offer from illegals, we are hurting our own economy rather than helping it.

If we begin to accept pesos in our small chain, and National businesses, what do you think is going to happen to our economy? We are already feeling the impact of what illegal landscaping companies are doing to us, so how much of an impact do you think accepting pesos is going
to have? What that does is make it ok for illegals to spend their dollars here, when the American dollar used to hold the higher value (overall), and it shows that we are accepting any illegal immigrants or money here, no matter what.

The more we begin to accept, the more these rapid changes are going to continue to take place. Pretty soon, the American economy will change over to ALL foreign currency and laws, and we will become the minority...in our "suppos-ed" land.

I know that California/America is a capitolist society, but this is too much of a transition, especially after the BIG controversy over deporting illegals back to their respective countries. If we accept their form of currency, why not accept all illegal immigrants in without penalty? Why make a big issue over jobs, medicare and minimum wages, if you're going to accept it overall?

Please do not take my opinions on this issue as me being a racist, or separatist, because I am truly a Liberal. I just want to point out what we all as a society tend to overlook...just as I always do here at Aimless Thought.

To read more, and get the whole story, click the source. (wfaa.com)


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