Friday, January 12, 2007

Waiting for the World to Change!

I've never met John Mayer, and I doubt that I ever will, but I absolutely love this song and the message within.

I am so tired of my brother having to go back and forth to the War Zone, and I am really frustrated with G.W.Bush and his total disregard for our troops, family and friends in the War. I can promise you that NO ONE in his family is anywhere near this War, and they NEVER will be.

Please, just take a moment to listen to the song, and hear the truth in the lyrics. There's pretty much nothing we can do but wait....and it is so sad.

Make Love, Not War!

John Mayer Waiting


Blogger jacheree said...

Okay so since I've been seriously slacking, I'm going to comment on a FEW of your blogs! :-D

a: I do love that John Mayer song. It's so very true... and so very sad. I don't even like politics & shizz at all, but even I can't help but feel like our society/country is in this ginormous hole that will be hell to dig out of.

b: Who the eff decided we should accept pesos?!?! That's just ridiculous!

c: This New Year's Eve I rode around on a limo bus with my love & a bunch of his/our friends--all dressed up in a pretty little dress. Granted, I had a good time and everything... but it seems I have more fun when it's just me and him together... aaaaand my New Year's resolutions are to 1. not drink quite so much pop and 2. spice up my life via eating foods I wouldn't normally eat and purchasing clothing/accessories that I wouldn't normally purchase! :-)

10:07 PM  
Anonymous a.roberson said...

Wow! Those were all very well thought out.

a. I love that John Mayer song too. It is right to the point. There's nothing we can do but wait.

b. I heard that the guy that decided to accept pesos has been getting death threats. I guess the world is not ready to accept that.

c. I guess my only New Years Resolution is to work harder towards my goals, and not accept any failures in my life.

Thanx for the comments.

4:00 PM  

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