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Today's topic class, is actually about Gender Roles. How do you view society's gender roles? Do you feel that the man is the head of the household (when married, or in a committed relationship), or do you believe that everything in the relationship is 50/50?

I for one am very old fashioned in this respect, as you all may already know. I do believe that the man is the head of the household, and the main decision maker when it comes down to bottom-line decisions, but that doesn't take anything away from any woman in my life. It's just the roles that have been instilled in my mind since childhood.

But look at it this way. What if we didn't have these preconceived "rules and roles" placed in our heads as youths? What would our society be if everything was REALLY 50/50? It's kinda hard to imagine a society where all women would be paid the same as men, in power positions as men, and in bottom-line gender roles as men. Now, before you get upset with me, I'm not saying this to say that women cannot be in any of the positions above, but what I am saying is it's hard to imagine it, because of how we've been programmed as children.

Other than the possibility of a few hard core feminists reading this post, are there any other women that can REALLY actually imagine a society where all major responsibilites and power positions would be split down the middle? We have been programmed for so long, that we've instilled the same "rules" and values that we've been taught in our children.

Men have been programmed to be the 'providers and protectors' while the women were taught to be lady-like, cute, quiet and/or shy housewives. Now, in the new millenium, women are taking on more important roles in their lives, whether it be in the workplace or household, and in some instances, it's causing men to feel a little inadequate. If we (men) are to taught to be tough, and not cry or show sensitivity, what happens when women start doing the same? What happens when women start being just as tough and hard as men? What happens when women start providing for the household just as men do? Does society stand and get better, or will this have a negative impact? There is a hierarchy placed in our society for multiple reasons, and one of them is gender roles.

Women are the mothers, and nuturers by nature, and the men are the warriors, protectors and providers. Maybe it's like that for a reason. Men are physically stronger, and in physical instances, our mental strength is a factor as well. There are lots of women that I know that just do not know how to handle mentally stressful physical acts such as fist fights, and attacks, therefore making the mens role of warrior and protector warranted. If this part of our roles was split 50/50, what would our (men) purpose be in the household? It would pretty much make it seem like women don't need men to feel safe and/or protected. With the way society is now teaching women how to be more self reliant, where do the men fit? I'm not saying that women should not be able to protect themselves, or be able to make as much money as, if not more than men, but if we start splitting our roles completely down the middle, what would we need each other for other than sex and companionship? If women can protect themselves as much as men can, and men can nuture children just as much as women can, where will we end up....all self reliant, self protected and all alone.

I like the way things are, and I am up for change, but at the same time, I do not want to be alone ;-).....what about you?


Blogger jacheree said...

Oooooooohhhhh great subject!!! I'm on both sides of this fence. I like that I live in a time where it's totally cool for me to be independent, for me to use bad language if I feel like it, for me to say what I REALLY want to say instead of what I'm "supposed" to say. I like that I don't necessarily need to have great cooking skills in order to "get a man." And I enjoy the fact that in my relationship, I give as much as my boyfriend does. I pay for things when I can, and he doesn't get all weird about it--he just smiles and thanks me and loves me more for my generosity and fairness!

But I also love that feeling I get when my boyfriend gets all protective and treats me like I'm a little bit breakable. :-) I believe there should be some amount of equality in relationships... but I guess, not too much! *giggle*

8:55 PM  
Anonymous A.Roberson said...

Very true. I always believe that it's ok for my lady to pay just as much as I pay, but luckily, I've met ladies that believe the man is still the head of the household. I'm old-fashioned in that manner, and as much as things have changed as far as gender roles, I don't think our generation will see a total flip-flop no time soon. Maybe things will be different for our kids, seeing as how they are being raised with totally different values than what we were taught. Kinda makes you go hmmmmmm?

Thanx for your thoughts Pinky ;-)

10:30 PM  

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