Monday, December 25, 2006


Here's another one of my rants, but first I have to say that I am sorry for the long break between blogs, but the Holidays....you know how they can be.

Anyway, speaking of the Holidays, is it me, or do the Holidays bring out all the idiots?! I don't know what it is about Christmas shopping, sales and good food, but there must be something in the air (or food) that causes people to lose all basic motor skills. Is it me, or has any one of you noticed how hard it is to navigate through a shopping mall? There's ALWAYS someone there that should NOT be under ANY circumstances! He's/she's the one that's in the mall wondering around in slow motion looking at EVERY SINGLE STORE in the mall like it's their first time outside of the house. Then, there's the group of people who can't seem to go anywhere by themselves, so they come to the mall with EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE FAMILY, including slow walking, not focused, first time in a mall Grandpa. You and I both know that Gramps needs to be at home in his recliner trying to sneak and watch the playboy channel while granny's in the kitchen baking Ginger Bread Cookies, and not in the mall walking in the MIDDLE of the aisles in everybody else's way. It's just like driving. People walk just like they drive, and we all know how grandpa drives, so that means, we all know how grandpa walks....JUST LIKE HE DRIVES!! We need to leave the grandparents at home, and keep them away from the mall. Besides, I don't think they really want to be around a %&$^-load of kids, just like we don't want to be.

On a slightly different note, what about the people in the malls that bring all of their children with them, to let them roam around while they shop? That is a definite no-no as well. That's just as bad as bringing grandpa to the mall. It's almost like these children have been caged for half of their lives, then let loose into the wilderness of the Mall. I'm not a parent, but I know what it is like to be around, and raise (a little) children. I know that the laws have changed when it comes to the levels of disclipine towards children, and I also know that it is a well deserved break when you can let your kids loose for a while, but what about the rest of us? What about the people who don't have kids? Think about how much it irritates us. Don't let your kids run free like wild animals. Think back to the days before you had kids....now think back to how agitated you used to get when someone's wild-child would run past you, bump into you, or even worse, step on your toes (ladies). You already know your kids are bad, so don't release them onto the general public just so you can chill! Have some basic consideration for those around you, and realize that you are NOT the only one on the stinkin' planet!

Anyway, that's pretty much all of what I had to get off my chest. Maybe it's the whole hustle and bustle of the holiday season, but I just had to release a little of my frustrations by sharing another one of my pet-peeves. I hope you can understand.

Merry Christmas ;-)


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