Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Eve

What to do on New Year's Eve???

Why must we feel obligated to celebrate the beginning of a New Year?

Isn't it just another day, or the beginning of a New day?

The New Year is SUPPOSED to bring New hope and New resolutions that were left unsettled the previous year, but does it ever really happen??? NO! No one ever sticks to their New Year's resolutions, and IF they try their best to do so, it usually only lasts the first two weeks of January, then it's back to the same 'ol thang. Once we get past the excitement of surviving another year, it's back to working waaaaay too much, and continuing our regular lives.


So, before we embark upon another hard year, who's going to be partying tonight, and why? I'm not saying you SHOULD stay home and do nothing, but why do you feel compelled to go to a night club or party, and pay triple what it normally cost to dance/party to the same music, with the same crowd in the same location?

Why do we feel like such losers when we end up staying home for New Years Eve, or even worse, why do we feel so bad when we don't have a date to bring in the New Year?

We've gone all year long without dates, so why do we feel the NEED to have a date for this "special" night?

I blame it on the media.

The media is responsible for putting ads in papers, and promoting the "No date for New Year's Eve" headlines, that always make you feel like crap if you're dateless on our traditional night.

Personally, I've spent New Year's Eve with and without dates, and honestly, there's no difference. I guess the older I get, the less important it becomes.

I guess I'm just realizing that it's just another day in our sad existence.

A day is a day is a day.

What do you think?


Anonymous G.I. Jane said...

wow. You know what?? you are soOo right about the whole date/no date on New Year's Eve dealy. why do we feel like losers when dateless on new year's?? that's a good question. it's probably from what people think is the norm, and if you are not a part of the norm, you feel like a loser. why are we so insecure!?!? When faced with the question, we proudly claim that we do not care what people think. truth of the fact is, we do...a little bit... i guess that is how i will answer the question from now on... "Do you care about what people think?" ..."a little bit..."

oh yes, and you are not getting old Amed. the media is partially at fault...but i think it really is the self who's at fault. i believe that you are good with or without a date because you, sir, are INDEPENDeNT. those who are somewhat needy or somewhat dependent on others feel like losers without another person to rely on.

meh, i'm tired, i have a fever, pleaSE excuse my babble.

hahah don't be suprised if you find a nice loogy on your lawn. moo-hahahah!!


6:13 PM  
Anonymous A.Roberson said...

Good one Jane...about the sickly loogy. That was funny ;-). Hope you feel better soon.

As far as the whole New Year's thing, it is totally the media. I was alone this New Year's, and I was a little sad, no because I didn't have a date, but because I wasn't with my lady. If it were another day, I would have felt the same way. The whole hype behind New Year's Eve is just that...hype! No one sticks to their resolutions, and if they at least try to, it only lasts the first week of January ;-)...go figure. We're all perfect the way we are, that's why no one keeps their resolutions ;-)

6:33 PM  

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